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911 Location Form

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  2. 911 Location Form
    To obtain a 911 Address for Woodward County please complete the following form.
  3. Please allow 2-3 business days before receiving your 911 address. This information will be used to enter your address in the 911 system. Completion and delivery of this information to the address below is the first step in helping emergency personnel find your location quickly and easily, should you need their services. All information is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.
  4. Can the residence be seen from the road?*
  5. Which side of the road is the residence located?*
  6. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the E-911 Director below:
  7. Ben Smith - E-911 Director

    Office: 580-256-2280 Ext. 8586 | Fax: 580-254-8527 | E-mail:

  8. “The Mission of the Woodward County E-911 Communications Center is to serve as the critical link between our citizens and public safety providers with the highest level of integrity. We are dedicated to supporting all public safety departments in their quest of protecting life, saving property and assisting the public. Our standard is excellence and our model of success is teamwork”
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